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DTP Services (Desk top publishing)

Our graphic artists take great care to preserve your style and show case it globally.

We know how to take your user manuals, presentations, brochures, catalogs and virtually any other content which you produced and replace your original text with any other language so it will look exactly the same as the source.

Our graphic artists know how to work with all the main graphic software used for DTP, in nearly all the languages.

Every DTP'ied file is checked by an experienced QA personal before sending it to the client.

Whatever you need, we've got it covered

With our comprehensive experience and knowledge, you don't have to worry

Working with PDF files

We prefer to receive from the client the original graphic files but sometimes the source is not available or is not supported by the target language, only a PDF file is available.

We know how to  transform PDF files into working graphic files, Translate and then DTP them.

The following work flow is performed by us:

  1. Creating a style guide according to the design of the PDF
  2. Extracting the pictures from the PDF, if needed extra work is performed using illustrator and Photoshop
  3. Designing a new Graphic template according to the original PDF design
  4. Inserting the text and pictures
  5. Translating using A Translation Memory System
  6. QA is performed by an editor who knows both languages and is experienced in checking DTP projects
  7. A PDF ready for print and A PDF ready for the Internet is created and sent to the client


Changing a LTR (left to right) graphic file layout to an RTL (right to left) layout and visa versa


English is written from left to right as opposed to other languages such as Hebrew and Arabic which are written from right to left.

The following points need to be taken into account:

  • Source software: Hebrew is not supported by all the graphic software. For example, in order to DTP Hebrew in Adobe InDesign you will need a special ME (Middle East version) software version.
  • Design: The design will need to be changed to suit the new language format.
  • Fonts: Most English fonts do not support Hebrew or Arabic, new fonts will often needs to be used.
  • Pagination: The size of the Hebrew fonts is not similar to English this can sometimes affect the original paging of the document.

Global brand image design

We provide global brand image design assessment and re-implementation, adjusting and globally updating content and documentation to fit the changing market and social networks needs.

Our services include

  • Building a Style guide
  • Creating graphic templates
  • Redesigning all the company content to fit the new brand image design


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